100wc week 29

The Crimson Grave '' Hey mom what's that crimson coloured thing by grandma's grave?'' I asked my mom. ''I am not exactly sure, maybe I'll go and check. You stay right here.'' As she left to go check that mysterious crimson thing it started getting misty and foggy and soon I was no longer able to see my mom. ''Mom mom mom!'' I shouted as I frantically waved my hands in the air. Suddenly, the fog and the mist disappeared and I saw my mom sitting by my grandma's grave...

100wc week 27

The Dog Chase  ''Oh no they didn't!'' I said to my friend who had brought her dog over so my dog and her dog could play together. Those 2 dogs had some how managed to open the gate and escape. We both sprinted after them as fast as we could. Then I had gotten an idea. All though they ran quickly, they were not making enough progress because we had gotten our bikes and soon we started to catch up to them. we had chased them around until they got tired.

100wc week 22

The Big Trip
My bratty little brother slowly crept into my room while I was downstairs eating lunch. When I was downstairs my little brother got the brown rusty ladder and climbed it to reach my goldfish bowl. While he was climbing the ladder he tripped on the third to last step and then the ladder fell and he flew across the room with the fish bowl. ''What's that loud noise?'' I asked my mom as I headed upstairs. When I got upstairs I saw my bratty brother on the ground with an empty fish bowl...

100wc week 21

Walking down the trail I noticed that the trees were missing some of their branches. suddenly, it became dark, nothing could be seen nothing but shadows. ''Ahhh!'' I screamed as it became pitch black. Then I saw something in front of me. It was hard to see because of the darkness but it was very tall. It had a rectangular squarish face and spikes on it's head. Then the lights came back and there were tons of stick looking figures coming towards me. ''Ahhh! I screamed as I woke up from my horrendous dream.

100wc week 19

''Stop!'' I yelled as my nasty little brother was about to throw my special bracelet down the drainpipe . Obviously he didn't listen to me. Then he threw my bracelet down the drainpipe. I was so angry that my face started to turn red. As it came the drainpipe I was furious that I felt like I was gonna explode. My nasty little brother started taking steps back knowing he was in trouble. When it came down it was all dirty and then I went wild.

100wc week # 17

Shimmering red scales reflected across my bike as my friend and I cycled back to my house. ''What's that?'' I asked nervously. Before we were not sure what that shimmering red thing was so we both kept going until it started slithering to us. ''Snake!'' We both yelled apprehensively. Suddenly, the town clock striked three and the snake started coming closer and closer. Then we stepped back very slowly hoping it wouldn't come any closer. After that we waited for the right moment to cycle away.

100wc week #14

Today is the day I get to meet our boss. No one has ever seen him before. When I reached the building I got a little nervous to meet him. As I entered his office, everything was related to monkeys. I was curious until he turned to face me.  ''Wait what, he's a monkey?'' I said confused. He was on the phone but then he hung up furiously and smashed the computer on the ground. ''Ahh!'' I screamed with shock and ran all the way back home. After that I never went back to that office.